Over the past five years, I have developed my skills as an educator as both a teaching assistant and an instructor of record. As a teaching assistant, I was responsible for leading 60 students each semester through recitations of their lecture material. For two semesters, I was a teaching assistant for Introductory American Politics courses; for one semester, I worked with students in Modern Political Thought.

I have also taught POLI 209: Analyzing Public Opinion. This course is designed in two parts: substantive instruction on topics surrounding public opinion in the United States and technical instruction in using Qualtrics and R Statistical Software. Students enrolled in this course work in groups to create research projects that include designing and fielding public opinion polls, analyzing public opinion data, and presenting original research through presentations and research papers.

Outside of the classroom, I also teach classes for the Odum Institute for Social Science Research at UNC. For the past two years, I have offered an introductory course in programming surveys using the Qualtrics online survey tool. Students enrolled in this course create a basic survey, add display and skip logic, and use content validation, piped text, and embedded data among other more advanced features.

POLI 209 Syllabus.pdf

Public Opinion

POLI 271 Recitation Syllabus.pdf

Modern Political thought

POLI 100 Recitation Syllabus.pdf

American Politics